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The company was in Pa. in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The ammo was marketed as high end self defense ammo. It was made in all pistol calibers and a few rifle calibers. I am posting pictures of the packaging and information that comes with the rounds so I hope you can read it. All the ammo made by this company says that it is loaded at near maximum SAAMI pressure. most of the bullets are pure copper and very light weight.(except .38 special which is a 38 grain aluminum Alloy that is coated) The papers also say that they come out of the barrels at a very high FPS (all are listed at over 1000FPS). The ammo original sold at $14.95 per pack. The packs varied on the number of rounds- IE .25auto is 7 rounds, .32 , .380, , .38 are 6 rounds, 9mm, .45, .45 colt are 4 rounds in a pack. Superior Stopping Power, tactical penetration without over penetration and match accuracy. PPS's defense handgun ammunition is the first true high performance round for handguns designed for the protection of the individual for the use in self-defense. Personal Protection Systems after careful analysis of actual simulations with the use of handguns in self defense situations realized the most important features of a self defense round is excellent tactical penetration, stopping power, and most of all that a round should not over penetrate. In the search for the best type of metal to meet the description of the type of self defense round. PPS realized that the is no such thing as a magic bullet. What they found is that copper was the closet metal that would give a bullet the characteristics of producing the effects that are necessary to neutralize the assailant. Copper is lightweight but also strong, because of the light weight, it gives the velocities that are needed for adequate penetration, excellent tissue disruption, which results in superior stopping power. PPS believes that we have accomplished this with our line of personal defense ammunition. PPS also made sure that none of the Now the company has been out of business since around 1993. This ammo is very very hot used with caution. Use in cheap manufactured handguns and for extended shooting sessions may cause damage or injury to the operator.
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